Patent Lawsuit

November 26, 2007

A case was filed by the Omnipresent (here after referred to as GOD) to claim UNIVERSE (here after referred to as THE PATENT) was his creation.

Transcript of the proceedings,

Cosmic Attorney: Where were you when the BIG BANG happened?

God: I was no where at that time, cuz there was no such thing like TIME existed at that time.

Cosmic Attorney: But you are an omnipresent, you are supposed to be present everywhere at any given moment.

God: Yes, thats true but there was no SPACE before the BIG BANG.

Cosmic Attorney: So it means before the BIG BANG you were not an OMNIPRESENT.

God : I was! infact I have always been……

Cosmic Attorney: So where were you before the BANG? Could you provide any evidence?

God : I was no where in the space as there was no SPACE at that time.

Cosmic Attorney: So if you can’t tell us where you exactly were before the BIG BANG then how could you prove that you caused the creation.

God : Cuz i was the only one present at that time.

Cosmic Attorney: But as you said earlier TIME didnt exist before the BIG BANG.

God : yes, Thats true, But I existed.

Cosmic Attorney: Existed where?

God : Everywhere!

Cosmic Attorney: Everywhere in the Universe before you even created it?

God: I didnt say that.

Cosmic Attorney: then?

…………………BANG………………………………….(a bomb went off)

this BANG didn’t CREATE any thing at all, though like the BIG BANG it did produce smoke that filled the court room, Judge couldnt survive to announce the adjournment of court hearing, no new date has been set by the officials yet for court hearing, case continues.


2 Responses to “Patent Lawsuit”

  1. UD said

    urs? circles and cycles..reminds of ‘merry go round the..big bang’, maybe!

  2. nocturnal said


    circles reminds me of Lou’s lines,

    You’re caught in a vicious circle
    Surrounded by your so called friends
    You’re caught in a vicious circle
    And it looks like it will never end
    ‘Cause some people think that they like problems
    And some people think that they don’t
    And for everybody who says yes
    There’s somebody who’s staring, saying don’t.

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