Too inept to handle love matters

October 16, 2007

Darling, I’ve yet to write you a letter
but I have run out of words
so I am just sending you a blank paper
write on it whatever you want me to write to you
and send it back to me,
I hope I won’t forget to reply you back.



4 Responses to “Too inept to handle love matters”

  1. Raza Rumi said


    A little unrelated but relevant nevertheless

    Khat likhay ge garchay matlab kuch na ho
    Ham tau aashiq hain tumharay naam ke

  2. nocturnal said

    Jon Alya ki nazm ki pheli char satoor paish-e-khidmat hai,

    tum ne mujh ko likha hai, meray khat jala dije
    mujh ko fikr rheti hai aap unhaiN gawaN dije
    aap ko koe saathi dekh lay tou kya hoga
    dekhye maiN kheti hooN ye bohat bura hoga.

    Nazm: tum ne mujh ko likh hai….
    from: Gumaan by Jon Alya

  3. UD said

    did he burn the khat then? they never do, do they! what a dumb request…rukhnay chaiay, khat bhi. aur sab bhi..

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