I’m hanging by a thread
trying hard to earn my bread

animal’s eating cannibals’ head
don’t pull the trigger yet x2

hanging by a thread
he’s heading home under fed

animal’s eating cannibals’ head
don’t pull the trigger yet x2

blood’s got the even flow
ruinous waves moving slow
i’m gathering pebbles like a crow

I’m hanging by a thread
trying hard to earn my bread

animal’s eating cannibals’ head
just don’t pull the trigger yetx4



Couplets from a ghazal

October 26, 2007

KainchlyaaN badal ke phir aagaye haiN wo (kainchlyaan–snake’s skin)
mot ban ke phir se chaa gaye haiN wo

poochay haiN qatal ker kay wo haal hamara
ek isi ada pe dil ko bhaa gaye haiN wo.



October 24, 2007

Gravity is not responsible for people falling in love.


Corpses’ mounds

October 17, 2007

Soaring bombs on the horizon
Veiled the dazzling stars,
Sweet streams that turned to poison
Quelled the thirst of war.

What else remains to be altered?
Save our beating hearts
Every thing has come to halt.
Now: we can see the eclipsed moon
Through our broken vault
All is left, to cure these wounds,
A pit of bitter salt.

Though roar of guns has deafened us
We still can hear a song
Song that begins with the growl
Ends up in the moan
When Siren sings some magic chants
We get astounded
We sing along all night long
To amuse the flock of hounds.

What peasant mourned? A field of corn
That shone like golden crown,
Hungry fire consumed it all
Left ashes on the ground.

What tyrant found? Corpses’ mounds
Lying on the ground
Wild guns devoured these folks
And strewed them all around.


In the Milky Way

October 17, 2007


Darling, I’ve yet to write you a letter
but I have run out of words
so I am just sending you a blank paper
write on it whatever you want me to write to you
and send it back to me,
I hope I won’t forget to reply you back.



October 14, 2007

why do you have to puzzle me
with a known riddle everytime,
why do you put me to the test
when you know I wouldnt succeed
why dont you ask me to jump into the pit
that you’ve dug for me
why do you need a reason to throw me in?

Why do you give me a favour
by allowing me to keep my eyes open
while searching myself
when you’ve already made me invisible to my eyes
by drawing a curtain
between me and my reflection.
tell me,
why do you puzzle me with a known riddle?

I’m sure you won’t reply me
’cause I know
All-hearing likes to play deaf sometimes.


Ada Jafri

October 11, 2007

kitanii viiraan guzar_gaaho.n se
sil_sile Khvaab ke milate honge

subah zindaan me.n bhii hotii hogii
phuul maqtal me.n bhii khilate ho.nge.

Muqta (quatrain)

October 7, 2007

sirf meh hi nahi aaj pi jae gi (meh-wine)
kuch aamazish lahu ki bhi ki jae gi (lahu-blood)
thaam lay dil ae saaqi ke aaj shub
shakl-e-maqtal mehkhanay ko di jae gi.


Shaikh & Brahmin

October 3, 2007

I don’t condemn infedelity(kufr),
I am not a bigoted believer.
I laugh at both
The shaikh and the Brahmin.

______Talib Amuli