wo shuks-nazm

September 29, 2007

Wo shuks bai-naam thaa per bohat bad-naam thaa
MakhmaleeN libaas main, kantooN kay darmyaan thaa.

Wo shuks tou thaa ajnabee, per zuban-e-zade aam thaa
RahatooN kee dhuup main, sayooN ke zere daam thaa

Wo shuks bohat weeran thaa, ujraa gulistan thaa
Na khilwatoon ke aan thaa, na mefilooN ke jaan thaa.

Na wo kisee ka yaar tha, na kisee ke dil ka qarar thaa
Naa thaa aseer-e-zulf wo , na shutr-e-bay muhaar thaa

Wo shuks tou thaa bay-zarer, par ajab insaan thaa
Sher-e-darogh main zuban-e-bay nayam thaa.

Afsos! wo bad-naseeb rindoN ke darmyaan thaa
Hosh waloon kay lye pastyooN kaa jaam thaa.



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