andhairoN maiN (in the darkness)

September 14, 2007

der jata hooN khud se akser andhairoN maiN
nazer aate hai haqeeqat akser andhiaroN maiN

chupta hoon din ko kirnoN ke sher se (sher–evil/wickedness)(kirnoN–light rays)
aur dhoondta hai sher mujhko akser andhairoN maiN

lamhe bher ko saya-e-shajer ko jaganay (shajer–tree)
chamktee hai bijlee akser andhairoN maiN (bijlee-thunder light)

takhyuul libada sapnoN ka orhay (takhyuul-imagination)
daita hai dastak akser andhairoN maiN

mujhay meray dil ke kharabi ne mara
poojta hai falaq ko akser andhiroN maiN

_______________hajr (my Urdu pseudonym)


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