God’s Frankenstein

February 27, 2007

Lo! I’m drowning
In the sea of past I’m recalling,
That has flooded my present
And swallowed my presence

Like the crescent, incomplete, floating in the murk
Confined to a path, bound to the earth
That’s full of pain and scarce of mirth
Barren & bruised as I found at my birth

I’m like a nag amongst the stallions
Creeping backward unlike the valiant,
Just to hide my stains from a million
Eyes: I covet the instinct of chameleon

Don’t blame me for spoiling my dreary soul
That you’d inspired into my hallowed mould
I never craved those wings that made me fall
What I begged, a mate, a companion of soul

But, you do not heed
You just lash and bleed
Your Frankenstein for his misdeeds
You poison my life & compel me to breathe

Before asking any question, just solve my riddle
Untie the web that has clutched me in the middle
And seize those waves of passionate ills
Then expect me to answer against my will.



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