February 24, 2007

You know, my eyes cry your tears
You know, your face displays my grin
You know, my soul, oh my dear!
Takes the lashes for your sins.

You know we are entwined together
We share the hive and we both endeavour
To suckle the light from the dying glimmer.

Have a look at yourself, don’t shy away from mirror
We have got no wings, got no feathers
We are made to crawl on the sandy river.

So why you loathe me, deny and oppose me,
I am your part, you can’t disown me,
I lent you my life and that’s all you owe me.

You know, my mind breeds your fears
You know, your heart spoils my seeds
You know, my neck, oh my dear!
Deifies an axe for your misdeeds.



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