February 14, 2007

I was born with two horns you know! 

Its no joke, actually I was born on May 7 (5/7), So according to my date of birth, my zodiac sign is Taurus-THE BULL.


Its strange that they represent Taurus and Devil with almost identical symbols.I still remember how I was called the Devil by a self proclaimed ANGEL. I’d never felt so bad before that really hurt me deeply, only then I realized that NOT ALL THE ANGELS ARE HALLOWED , SOME OF THEM ARE CURSED AS WELL. THOSE CURSED ANGELS WITH BROKEN WINGS DON’T POSSESS HEART, thats why they inflict wounds upon those who possess this delicate jewel.

The only difference between the DEVIL and the TAURUS is forked tail, so I am holy until I grow one.


One Response to “ME, BULL & THE DEVIL”

  1. STRANGER said

    tumhara dimagh kharab hei aur kuch nai! i had a reason for saying what i did, n then i said SORRY! i expect to be forgiven for the misunderstanding.

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